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+Bishop Rev. Diana M. Gray "Mama Love" 
~Evangelist to the poor in Spirit~
(Mama Odo Oghogho)


     This is an Inter-denominational, Full Outreach, "Family Christian Ministry." Nationally and Internationally, Worldwide. 
     It's here to help and encourage your family to develop spiritual growth. "All Christian Families and Churches," are welcome to enjoy what this special Christian ministry has to offer.  Some exciting, and interesting things are planned for the up coming year for your whole family.

     Bible Studies, Christian Education, Encouraging Evangelistic Endeavors, Personal Emotional Development,  Salvation Outreach. This ministries' main focus, is to minister into people's lives with love and compassion through the spiritual anointing of the Holy Spirit.   Let the Lord minister Emotional and Spiritual Healing into your life. 

Evangelist +Bis. Rev. Diana M. Gray Praising the Lord 
during an "African Crusade in Nigeria"
Camereras filmed dynamic sermons such as "God is a God of Positives!" 
to a receptive audiances in Nigeria Africa.  Here Rev. Diana is dressed in a 
traditional African dress.  Truly a  time of great joy and spiritual uplifting!



~Evangelist to the poor in Spirit~
Preaching heartfelt messages in Nigeria West Africa at 
outdoor Christian Crusades.  Hearts were mended, lives 
changed, healings took place and souls were saved.

+Bishop Rev. Diana M. Gray "Mama Love Africa"
Preaching "Jesus Heals the Broken Hearted Sermon Messages"
during the two 2003 Christian Crusades in Nigeria West Africa

Two Anointed Christian Crusades in Nigeria that touched lives and mended hurting hearts with the Crusade message "Jesus Heals the Brokenhearted" 
  • First Crusade:     "Benin City for Christ Crusade"
  • Second Crusade:  "Ekpoma Total Freedom Crusade"
  • Guest Speaker at a Women's Seminar
  • Ministered in churches and  schools
  • Ministered and Preached in several Kenya churches
  • Guest Speaker for a week long, International Women's Seminar
  • Guest Speaker for a Christian African  Wedding
  • Performed a Biblical Drama called "Meeting Mary Magdalene"
  • Performed Gospel Music with an Electric Guitar
  • Visited Widows and ministered to parentless orphans
  • Ministered in three churches in Uganda
  • Ministered to orphans and widows who have lost their husbands and fathers to Hiv/Aids
  • Preached the Word with authroity and Godly wisdom
  • Performed dynamic Gospel Music and made joyful music unto the Lord.
  • Broadcasting Saturday Mornings at 6:00 AM
  • Africa, India, South America, USA, Canada,  and all around the world over 4 continents
    There is much work to be done around the world since the Hiv/Aids epidemic has taken such a heavy tole on helpless populations.  Many orphans and widows are needing the love that Rev. Diana Gray strives to bring them as "Mama Love."  



Request a Speaking Engagement today!
Preaching Sermon Messages
of Hope and Healing!

"Jesus Heals the Brokenhearted"
Healing Messages to help 
heal hearts and restore lives

Email to request
+Bishop Rev. Diana M. Gray "Mama Africa"
to come minister at your church today!

Diana Gray Ministries
USA Missionary working in Africa

     Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in "Spirit" for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
      Evangelist to the poor in "Spirit" is what God has called me to be.  If you're Hurting, Discouraged, Depressed, Abused, Rejected, Feeling like a failure Jesus truly cares. If you're Lame, Blind, Sick, Poor, a Prisoner in Jail, a Prostitute, Rejected by society, Physically or Emotionally Abused, the Lord has sent me to be there for you. I don't care what sin you may have committed in your life, (Jesus loves you and can forgive you if you ask Him too.) I am here for you because I truly care. If you're suffering in anyway because of the hurts and disappointments of life, lift you your eyes and see Jesus. Realize that you are special and the Lord loves you so much. Please don't feel you're alone, if no one else cares about you Jesus does and I do too, dearly! I try to see everyone through the eyes of Jesus, if you're Poor in Spirit in anyway I'm here for you!
     Poor in Spirit also means Spiritual poor too. People need a Savior! They need Jesus! Striving to bring healing into people's lives, I do... because I sincerely care! Your special life is "so" important to me.  I pray that the Lord brings Inner Healing and Spiritual Growth as He ministers to your heart.  You're so Special and Jesus truly loves you!
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Pray a Salvation Prayer

With Evangelist +Bis. Rev. Diana M. Gray

(Real Audio Voice Prayer)
     Have you ever really prayed the Salvation prayer? When you die are you going to Heaven? Are you sure?  If you said, 'I hope so...Maybe...I think so' then you might be in trouble. You see, you should know for sure! You should be able to say, 'Yes' without doubting!  It's not too late and you're not too old. Let's pray it together as you take the time right now to accept Jesus Christ. Pray it from your heart and you 'will' have Salvation.

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