"Inner Spiritual Healing!"

By Evangelist Diana Gray
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     A special area of needed healing is that of hurting, inner painful emotions stemming from past memories.  Scripture calls bruised past emotions as well as physical and moral weaknesses, "infirmities." 
Luke 7:21 And in that same hour he cured many of their infirmities and plagues, and of evil spirits; and unto many that were blind he gave sight. 

     Within one's heart lays dormant a series of inner past hurts.  These can surface at the most inopportune times when least expected!  Inner Emotions are hard to deal with and sometimes they can last throughout a person's lifetime.  There... are... no... easy pat answers that will instantly bring about healing.  Because of the depth of involvement intertwining in and throughout a person's emotional makeup, these  inner painful emotions take time to heal.  Prayer through the Holy Spirit is a major remedy to the beginning of getting in touch with these  inner painful memories.  It takes work and it takes time to emotionally process through some past hurts with counseling, prayer and faith.  This is why Christian counseling in the ministry is so very important and much needed
     Well meaning Christians have to be very careful when attempting to give quick fix answers to immediate problems.  Some problems can stem from deep rooted past hurts. A lot of thought,  prayer as well as listing to a hurting person is so very important before jumping in with quick responses.  Sometimes fast abrupt answers can cause more harm than good.  Not only the words a person says, but body language as well as emotions can all be demonstrated in such a way that careful thought and prayer is needed to respond.
     My very special friend I will tell you one thing though, if you are dealing with some hurts from the past, you are not alone!  Every single person on the face of the earth has painful inner emotions in one form or another! Are you surprised that I am saying this?  It's true, we all have hang-ups and past hurts.  You name the person, look deep into their life and you will find  inner painful emotions somewhere inside of them, everyone of us.  Heaven is going to be beautiful, it's the only place without hurt of any kind, including painful  inner emotions.
     Just below the surface lies hidden memories.  These surface at times of deep stress throughout the various trials of life.  All of a sudden they come out bringing tears and great sorrow.  A minuet, unimportant thing such as a vase falling off of a coffee table, brings on a wail of tears.  The person doesn't even know why they are crying but the pain is so terribly bad in their heart.  What's wrong? Why the tears and a desperate need to cry?  Breaking a cheep vase didn't deserve a sudden reaction of tears, no one died, so what's really wrong? 
     The incident may have triggered a memory of childhood when a favorite heirloom was accidentally broken.  Two children were chasing each other throughout the house laughing in childish glee, only to end up screaming in pain. An angry parent lashed out with a belt in terrifying, violent anger and rage.  The welts on little bodies may have lasted only a few days but the terrified memory caused painful  inner emotions which would last a lifetime. 
     What about the child who so desperately needed a father's love and concern only to watch him night after long night drunk at the kitchen table sound asleep.  If he only would have taken the time to show some concern and care.  If only there could have been some sign of real love and affection, not just empty tolerance and apathy.
    Maybe an older brother, might have violently beaten up a younger sister with over a small argument.  An argument  which should have amounted to nothing but ended in horrible violence.  The chain reaction may have triggered a frustrated mother to scream out at both of them.  The cost of buying a ruined torn blouse or a broken vase her only concern.   Maybe she never noticed or cared that there was an ensuing gush of blood from a little girl's small smashed nose.   At such a time as this tears would not have helped, so emotions got packed down deep in a hurting heart.  A broken, smashed nose would heal in time, but the fear and horror would last a lifetime from these past painful  inner emotions. 
     Some children grow up never having received a parents love.  A little girl might never be told that she was pretty or smart or a son became a heavy drinker trying to drown out the pain of the past.  Maybe the parents never wanted  children and told them many times that they wish they were never born.  Scars and hurts from the past can run really deep!  Sometimes there can be so many hurts that after awhile thoughts and sad feelings begin to be repressed and buried within one's heart.   The sad thing is that everyone has something in their past that is still bothering them.  Pain, violence, these can happened in anyone's life over anything.  We all have them, no one is immune to bad memories and the painfulness of the past.
     No wonder people have emotional problems and reactions.  Emotions which may be off from the so called norm.  Who is really normal?  How can anyone judge anyone else?  When we see them reacting different from anything that we would do, does that give us a right to judge them?  Did we live their lives? Do we really comprehend or visualize everything that ever happened to them? How can we truly know or understand another human being, when we have not lived our lives in their shoes.  Even brothers and sisters who grew up together can't truly know the whole life of the other sibling.  One of them could have been asleep when a bad memory was taking place for the other.  Some things which can bring on the tears for one person can make another person laugh.  Why, we are all different! Leave judgment to God and have mercy upon your fellowman.  Judging others and the pride of life you don't need.  They hinder your spiritual walk with the Lord.
     Becoming a Christian through the saving grace of Jesus Christ will give you Salvation and a home in Heaven for all eternity, John 3:16.  The past hurts, memories and habits that took a lifetime to form will not.  Yes I grant you that some people receive deliverance from a former bondage such as smoking, alcoholism or a past hurt at the same time they received Salvation.  Maybe they were dealing with a particular problem at the same time as receiving Salvation and were delivered.
     Think of it this way, visualize a black sheet of sin over each of us when we receive the Salvation of Jesus Christ.  As we learn to deal with each of our sins and past hurts from the past, white spots begin to appear.  These white spots are areas in our lives that have been healed and freed of sins.  After sometime the sheet over us becomes whiter and whiter until we have a white sheet over us covered with black spots of sins and unhealed hurts.  We deal, and deal with each black spot  full of sins, past memories and habits until we die.  Is our sheet every totally white, free from all of these past hurts and sins? Yes, when we get to Heaven and receive new clean, sin free bodies.  We are saved by grace but we have to make the effort to deal with our particular problems and sins.  We have to work with and allow the Holy Spirit to help bring about a change in our inner spirit.
     Particular personal idiosyncrasies of a person can make them react totally different from the next person.  In other words, what hurts one person won't hurt another and vice versa, because of their own particular personality and emotional makeup.  Present behavior can manifest itself in a mired of various ways because of learned responses from the past.  Contradictory behavior can affect our present relationships.  With learned deeply rooted responses, buried painfull  inner emotions can interfere with our present life.
          These emotional repressed scars surface from time to time with such terrifying memories bringing tears and then feelings of rage.  Why can't a person simply pray these memories away?  Why do they still come back to haunt us from time to time?  Sometimes prayer, after prayer, after prayer is said and they still come back, why? They hurt our hearts!  They make us make us feel as if our hearts are breaking.  We can still feel the emotional pain even now as if it happened today, why?  What's the answer and how do we finally receive healing from these horrible hurts?

2  Corinthians12:8-10 For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. 



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